My work mainly derives from and within that fine line of the physical art world and attempting the transformation to a graphic and illustration realm. I find they work very well together, hand in hand to inspire my thoughts into a certain project, significant idea or event. Whether it is with pen and paper, ink, sculptural, photography or printmaking, I enjoy combining the environmental and illustrative aspects into something picturesque, descriptive and convincing through the graphic design process.
     Certain influences throughout my life, having traveled the world in the military, have given me a direct insight of the expressions in different cultures and their artistic beliefs. This has driven the intense strive for realism, I believe, as an ultimate goal for my compositions. The inherent capabilities in today’s graphic design territory is nearly limitless while capturing an abstract or naturalistic point of view. The attempt to describe what you see in a physical form and reconstructing that image into an electronic pattern is extremely gratifying.